June 2019 Newsletter

Featured Partner
On May 23rd, John Dutton and Paula Caso met with David and Geri Ewing from Firia Labs to discuss ways they can support CS education in Ohio. Firia Labs is a small hardware/software company specializing in applying computer science curriculum via Python in a browser to micro:bit based hardware. They have a set of curriculum already designed for AP Computer Science Principles and are working on other levels and activities. One avenue they are exploring is using a small micro:bit based robot they designed.
John and Paula were both impressed with their commitment to CS education and willingness to meet teachers and discover their needs. They are eager to reach out and learn from educators as well as provide materials and lessons that can be used.
As CSTA-OH works on developing a CS Rocks Ohio conference, we are sure to ask them to join us again and present their efforts to Ohio teachers. If you are interested in learning more about Firia Labs, check out the posts on our Facebook Page or go to https://firialabs.com/
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