Computer Science Licensure

Computer Science
Computer Science Licensure FY 2020-2021

As part of Ohio’s effort to increase computer science education, Ohio Law includes a provision that allows a school district, community school, or STEM school to permit an individual who holds a valid educator license in any of grades seven through twelve to teach a computer science course if, prior to teaching the course, the individual completes a professional development program, approved by the district superintendent or school principal, that provides content knowledge specific to the course the individual will teach. This provision is for the 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 school years only. This provision does not allow the individual to teach a computer science course in a school district or school other than the school district or school that employed the individual at the time the individual completed the professional development program.

The superintendent or principal shall approve any professional development program endorsed by the organization that creates and administers the national Advanced Placement examinations as appropriate for the course the individual will teach.

– The Superintendent or Principal MUST approve any College Board PD.
– The Superintendent or Principal MAY approve any other course.

Beginning July 1, 2021, this provision no longer applies, and a school district or public school shall permit an individual to teach a computer science course only in accordance with section 3319.236 of the Revised Code.

To ensure all data is reported accurately and to provide your school(s), your district and the public with an accurate picture of how your district is serving students, the Department has created the Computer Science Eligibility Verification Form for reporting the computer science courses and teacher professional development that was completed. The submission deadline for the verification form is January 8, 2021.

Once the completed form is received by the Department, the proper license status of the teacher will be recorded in EMIS, which will fix any errors that may be reported for the teacher.

Please Contact the Computer Science Program Specialist, John Wiseman at (614) 728-7589 or with any questions.